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I met Lee Stewart a couple of decades ago, long before she set her other amazing talents aside to focus on creating edible landscapes. I have always known her to be deeply committed to exerting maximum effort to “doing a great job.” To say that this woman works hard is to be guilty of gross understatement. She never quits, never gives up, and is always ready for another challenge. Her drive and creativity have merged into Veg Up, Get Dirty – and we should all be doing exactly that.

Lee produces amazing results with her gardens because Lee is, well, amazing. She is also a natural teacher, so don’t ask her a question if you aren’t prepared to be given a very thorough and well-informed answer. She knows every stem and leaf of urban gardening — and by the time she’s through with you, you will, too.
She is in the process of establishing an above-ground garden in my back yard, fulfilling a wish of mine that has percolated the entire 36 years we have lived in our house. I was impressed by her ability to wield power tools and a hammer, which she did with great skill as she built the container for the garden.

I not only recommend Lee as a Master Gardener, and an urban gardener extraordinaire – I recommend her as somebody you really should get to know. Whether you’re coaxing tomatoes along in a patio flower pot, or you are feeding your family from a huge outdoor operation, Lee is the vegetable whisperer.

I love her. You will, too.

Jody Serey