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Lee — the founder and owner of Veg UP Get Dirty — started her garden journey at the age of 4 after escaping Vietnam with her mother. She traveled boat to boat and plane to plane to the United States. This experienced taught Lee to be strong, survive, and thrive. Gardening became a way to cope with PTSD fleeing the war. Lee has over 15 years’ experience in the health and wellness field. She is not only a certified personal trainer, but she is also a Certified Master Gardner with the Maricopa County Extension program. She has years of education in nutrition and human biology. As a personal trainer, she often heard clients say, “I want to eat more organic foods, but I can’t afford to buy organic.”
After hearing similar statements repeatedly, Lee began to envision Veg UP Get Dirty. The foods we eat today have preservatives, have been exposed to pesticides, and are often genetically modified. Your health and vitality are important to Lee, and your well-being is why she continues to help individuals on their healthy garden journeys.
Lee would love to share her knowledge and experience to impact you and the world. Let Veg Up Get Dirty allow you to change your life, your family, your community, and your world.


“Lee’s positive energy is contagious! She is very passionate about helping people grow healthy food, plus she is a Master Gardener. The raised beds look amazing.” – Emily Rockey
“In Gratitude – Lee Stewart Certified Master Gardener”

University of Arizona
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Cooperative Extension

“As someone who loves to eat and eat healthy good food I was so happy when our paths crossed. Seeing first hand the attention to detail that Lee shares with joy and enthusiasm and hearing the knowledge behind what it takes to grow and cultivate your own garden made me feel like I could do it too and I don’t have a green thumb. Lee is the human version of a garden encyclopedia; her years of knowledge and passion for what she does is infectious.” – Danielle Williams

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