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What is garden coaching?


Lee is a certified master gardener, and she will work side-by-side with you to assist you on your garden journey. She wants to help you achieve the garden of your dreams. You will learn about:

companion growing
growing seedlings from seed
compost and soil management
growing, harvesting, and amending
having chickens and bees
pest identification and how to manage pest control
pruning, grafting, and caring for fruit trees

How it works

Lee will come out and complete the consultation to assess your garden, and the goals you would like to achieve with your garden. The exact frequency and duration of garden coaching sessions will vary to accommodate your specific needs. Lee will work with you to assist you with whatever is happening in your garden. She takes pride in sharing her knowledge with you


Do you have a garden that is too much to manage? Let Lee come out and help you give it the attention it needs. Lee will harvest, prune, weed, check for pests, add amendments to your soil, fertilize soil, and inspect your plants. She will also service your fruit trees.


Lee customizes and designs gardens to meet your gardening needs. Placement and location are key factors when it comes to gardening. Lee has acquired extensive knowledge through experience and education that she utilizes when designing your garden. Lee will design and customize your garden to meet your individual needs.


Lee will custom-build a garden for you using the best materials that are safe for your garden and non-toxic to your soil.

What is a Sustainable Garden?

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